Electrocution and other Electrical Hazards

Investigation and reconstruction of electrocution and other electrical hazards is our specialty. John M. Bass is a Registered Professional Engineer that has over 25 years experience identifying the cause of electrocutions, explosions and other accidents related to the use of electricity. Use the following hyperlinks for greater detail.

Electrocution is a major cause of injury and death in both the industrial and home environment. Most electrocution injuries occur at voltages above 50 Volts AC or 100 Volts DC however sometimes the voltage can be much lower.

Electrocutions and Electrical Hazards in the Industrial Environment can involve much higher voltages and is often accompanied with an explosion or fire.

Electrical Explosions can be caused by many things including ground faults that exceed the limit of the protective devices.

Electrocution threshold for humans is very low.  The "cant let go" current level for adults is about 10 milliamps for adults and 5 milliamps for small children.

Microshock Electrocution occurs in hospitals and medical facilities.

Stray Voltage causes injury to livestock, especially dairy cattle.

Electrical Safety is achieved by training and rigorous compliance with the codes.

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