Automobile Accident Reconstruction

Forensic Engineering Services including investigation, reconstruction and expert testimony.

Accident reconstruction is both an art and a skill. It requires the ability to visualize a three dimensional problem in the time domain and skills in the application of the physical laws for conservation of energy and momentum. Bass Associates Inc. can provide photography, drawings, maps, scale models and computer animation in addition to engineering calculations and laboratory analysis.

A police officer is a very credible witness but is usually not a qualified technical person. They often make major errors in interpreting skid marks because they were unable to resolve the issues of impact and momentum. Other sources of error are misinterpreting the clues such as the deformation of a tungsten lamp filament or the metal components of the vehicle . It is important that the forensic engineer provide the attorney with an accurate reconstruction of the accident including interpretation of the physical evidence, photos, witness testimony and other clues relating to the accident.

Bass Associates Inc. has developed software to compute the exact position of the sun relative to any place on earth at any given date & local time. This program is useful in determining if the sun was a contributing factor to an accident. This program can also be used to verify the time & location that a photograph was taken if a sun shadow is in the picture.

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