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OSHA, NEC, NFPA, UBC, UFC and other Codes & Standards are confusing and often appear to contradict each other. Bass Associates Inc. specializes in determining which codes apply and how to apply them. Most Electrocutions, Fires, Explosions and Industrial Accidents involve Human Error, a Code Violation or both.

Everyone who operates a facility or manufacturers a product must comply with all of the Codes & Standards that apply to their product or industry. The practice of engineering is governed by State Registration Laws in addition to the various Codes & Standards. Unfortunately, most managers, engineers and draftsmen have never received any formal training on the Codes & Standards. Enforcement of the Codes, Standards & State Registration Laws vary significantly through out the United States. The fact that your company has never been cited is no assurance that you are in compliance with codes that govern your operation.

Every state in the United States has Registration Laws that place strict limitations on what non-registered engineers and contractors are allowed to do. Most managers have very little knowledge of the codes and assume that their staff and sub-contractors know the rules and are complying with them. This is a dangerous assumption. In most cases the internal staff and outside contractors do what they are asked to do and assume that management would not ask if it were against the rules. The National Electrical Code & OSHA both require that ALL equipment installed in a building must be approved by a recognized laboratory or a Registered Professional Engineer.

Bass Associates Inc. evaluates Equipment, Production Processes and Building Construction for compliance with the applicable codes. Determining the correct Occupancy and Hazard Classification for an area in any building dictates the protective systems that must be provided to protect the occupants. We work with the codes on a regular basis and can determine the correct Hazard Classification and Requirements for each area in your building.

John Bass has conducted seminars on Life Safety, OSHA, Patient Safety, Explosion Hazards and related subjects for the Minnesota Safety Council, Minnesota Hospital Association and other interested organizations. John has performed an Engineering & Fire Safety needs assessment for many buildings including all high and middle schools in the Minneapolis Public School District. He was also retained to perform an Engineering & Fire Safety needs assessment for federal court houses located at Butte Mt., Sioux Falls SD & Aberdeen SD.

John Bass is licensed & registered as a Professional Engineer in both Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. He is recognized by the Minnesota Board of Electricity as being qualified to evaluate equipment safety and to certify that equipment is safe for installation. John inspects non UL Approved equipment for compliance with UL and NFPA code requirements.

Bass Associates Inc. provides engineering support to help manufacturers and building owners to comply with the code requirements. We also provide forensic engineering support to attorneys for reconstructing accidents and evaluating the level of code compliance. Engineers, Building Owners & Employers must comply with all of the following codes.

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