Failure Analysis

Why did it fail and what can be done to prevent future failures?

Failure Analysis is the basic skill requirement for both Forensic & Reliability Engineering. Bass Associates Inc. was founded in 1969 as the first Minnesota consulting engineering firm that specialized in Reliability Engineering. We have many years of experience analyzing and determining the cause of failures aerospace, military and commercial equipment. Bass Associates Inc. provides Forensic Engineering Analysis and Expert Testimony to reconstruct events and determine the cause of Fires, Electrocution, Personal Injuries, Accidents and Product Failures.

Failure Analysis should not be confused with maintenance Trouble-Shooting. Failure Analysis determines Why a failure occurred where as Trouble-Shooting only determines What failed. Good Failure Analysis requires good test equipment, good procedures and an intuitive understanding of the hardware or software being analyzed. Failure Analysis is the reality check that keeps a Reliability program on track. An accurate determination as to the cause of failure is the foundation for reducing the failure rate.

Bass Associates Inc. has been performing Failure Analysis and providing Forensic Engineering Support since 1969. We have access to the full range of laboratory services including Microscopic Photography, Scanning Electron Microscope, Metallurgical Cross-Section, Spectrum Analysis and standard Electronic Test equipment.

We perform Failure Analysis on Electrical, Electronic & Mechanical Equipment.

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