Reconstruction of Fires and Explosions

Forensic Engineering Investigation and Reconstruction of fires and explosions caused by Electrical Wiring, Ground Faults, Hazardous Materials, Human Error and Code Violations:

Bass Associates Inc. provides Analysis, Reconstruction and Expert Testimony for fires and explosions. We are knowledgeable in the codes and specialize in designing the electrical & mechanical systems for hazardous locations in buildings. We also inspect and certify non-approved equipment as to its compliance with the codes. We understand both the engineering and human factors that come together to cause accidents.

Electricity is a very large energy source, therefore its use is always a prime suspect whenever it is involved is an accidents, fire or other incident. Damaging releases of electrical energy can be caused by flaws in the electrical system or can be a secondary effect caused by some other event. It is not always obvious! Piecing together the clues and reconstructing the events leading to an accident, fire or other incident requires broad technical knowledge, creativity and a disciplined application of engineering principals.

Most Fires & Explosions are caused by an Human Error, a Code Violation or Both. Almost all of these accidents could have been prevented. Bass Associates Inc. actively works with building owners and equipment manufactures to develop a safe environment and to eliminate safety hazards. Reconstruction of fires & explosions our knowledge as to what must be done to prevent them.

Fires are also caused by defective products that go into Thermal Runaway under ordinary use.

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