Industrial Accident Investigation

Expert for Electrical Shock, Electrocution, Explosion, Physical Injury, Hazardous Material, Poison Gas, Chemical Spills, Facility Design, Equipment Failure & Code Compliance.

Most Industrial Accidents involve Human Error, a Code Violation or both. OSHA, NFPA, UBC, UFC and other Codes & Standards are confusing and often appear to contradict each other. Every facility manager has the responsibility for determining the correct Occupancy and Hazard Classification for every area in their building. The classification dictates the protective systems that must be provided to protect the occupants.

Many pieces of equipment are manufactured and sold without being inspected or approved by a Qualified Professional Engineer or Testing Agency. Most manufacturing companies use employees to design and build their products. Most of these employees are Not Registered Professional Engineers and are not familiar with the laws and codes that they are required to comply with. Many times non technical managers overrule their technical employees concerning safety issues. The National Electrical Code and OSHA require that all equipment be Approved.

John Bass is one of the engineers recognized by the Minnesota Board of Electricity as being qualified to evaluate equipment safety and to certify that the equipment is safe for installation. John inspects Non-Approved equipment for compliance with the applicable code requirements. If the equipment complies he will issue a certification letter. If the equipment does not comply he will determine what needs to be done & will supervise modification when required.

Bass Associates Inc. is experienced in both Facility Design & Equipment Design. We are knowledgeable about the Laws, Codes and Standards that apply to the Facility, Equipment, Installation and Safe Operation. We have the expertise to analyze a piece of equipment as a total system including the mechanical, electrical, electronic and software components. We are also knowledgeable in maintenance practices and we use a computer to analyze maintenance records to identify cases where accidents were caused by poor maintenance practices.

Our knowledge of Engineering Documentation Systems allows us to be effective uncovering evidence during discovery. We have the experience to know what to look for and where to find it. We can help reconstruct the technical evolution of a hazard, identify the people that knew about it, when they knew about it and what they did about it.. We have has the experience necessary to differentiate between Design Error, Human Error and Poor Maintenance Practice in determining the cause of an accident.  

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