Medical Equipment Safety
Forensic Engineering Analysis of Design, Operation, Maintenance and Training.

Health care facilities are complex operations that are open 24 hours per day, every day. Bass Associates Inc. has experience designing both the physical building and the medical equipment used within. Maintaining control over the Operation & Maintenance of a Hospital is an extremely difficult job. There are literally thousands of different pieces of equipment that must be maintained in safe operating condition all of the time. Some of the equipment is owned by the Hospital, some is leased. Much of the medical equipment maintenance is done by outside contractors. Hospitals maintain reasonably good records. Therefore, if you know how the record system works, you can usually track the history of a piece of equipment.

The root causes for injures involving medical equipment runs the gauntlet including Human Error, Faulty Equipment Design & Poor Maintenance. It is unwise to assume anything until a through investigation is made and failure analysis is performed on the equipment. A small sample of the problems that we have found in the past are listed below.

Everyone involved in the Health Care Industry strives to improve the Safety and Reliability of their operation. Performing a timely Failure Analysis on the equipment involved in an injury and accurately reconstructing the events leading to an incident is an extremely important for ongoing safety improvement. Things change very rapidly in hospitals and valuable information can be lost if the investigation is delayed. Using an outside engineer to do the failure analysis eliminates any question of a cover-up and will provide hospital management with the unfiltered facts that they need to improve their operation.

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