Microshock Electrocution
Field Testing and Forensic Engineering Analysis of Medical Facilities and Equipment.

Microshock electrocution should be considered to be a possible cause anytime a patient with an indwelling catheter suffers ventricular fibrillation.

Patients with an indwelling catheter are susceptible to Microshock Electrocution and are designated as Electrically Susceptible Patients. Microshock electrocution can cause ventricular fibrillation and death with voltages as low as 0.050 Volts. Bass Associates Inc., in conjunction with Ellerbe Architects Inc., received an Engineering Award from the Consulting Engineers Council for his research into Microshock electrocution.

Bass Associates Inc. holds the patent for a tester to measure Microshock hazards in hospitals and medical equipment. We have traveled throughout the United States inspecting, testing and certifying that hospital OR's, ICU's, Catherization Labs and other electrically sensitive locations are safe for occupancy. Microshock electrocution is a recognized hazard that must be tested for on a regular basis. In the last few years, some hospitals have stopped testing for Microshock hazards as cost reduction measure.

Microshock hazards can be caused by the Hospitals electrical system or by electrical equipment that comes into contact with the patient. Microshock hazards can be readily detected with the correct test equipment. However, correcting the problem is far more difficult and will require the services of an engineer that knows how to track down the cause and how to correct it.

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