Stray Voltage

Stray Voltage is Easy to detect, relatively inexpensive to correct and can bankrupt you if ignored!

Stray Voltage is a well documented and costly problem that can destroy dairy farmers and other livestock operators. Fortunately, stray voltage is also easy to measure and inexpensive to correct once you have identified the cause. Stray voltage is the name that has been given to the occurrence of voltages between some conductive surfaces in a barn or other building. Stray voltage can be caused by the Electrical Utility, Farm Wiring or by Defective Equipment. The Stray Voltage hazards are similar to Microshock hazards, except the hazard level is much higher, starting at about 1/2 Volt.

Bass Associates Inc.  designs and supervises construction of Farm Electrical Systems that will prevent the occurrence of Stray Voltage. We have the expertise and analytical tools to pinpoint the cause and eliminate stray voltage from those farms having a problem. Every year farmers spend and loose a lot of money on quick fixes that don't work. Stray Voltage is a technically complex problem that requires good engineering to eliminate and prevent reoccurrence.

If you think that you have a stray voltage problem, call John Bass at 952/544-6079.

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